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"Anybody who knows Nancy Olson knows when the veteran bookseller and former owner of Quail Ridge Books & Music recommends a book, well, folks likely take heed and read.

Among her current Top 4 picks: “Salt in the Sugar Bowl,” a novella by Angela Belcher Epps that unconsciously pricks our consciousness about the lasting, residual effects of abandonment, and hope in healing beyond them."

Lori Wiggins, Midtown Raleigh News
Sunday, March 9, 2014


Sophia bumped back and forth down the aisle, holding onto the backrests of the Coastline Express toward an empty seat. Maybe the bus would have a freak accident with her as the only fatality. Have it known that Sophia Sawyer died on a bus, unexpectedly, thirty-five miles from her home. Death was palatable. They could put it in the obituary section, and her people could have a good cry, then put a period at the end of her life and move on. There was nothing palatable about a woman leaving six children behind in Haden, N.C. on a balmy April morning-- with no intention of ever looking back.      -- the day Sophia left her six children in 1984

Praise for Salt in the Sugar Bowl:

"It's one of those rare gems that come across your vision that you don't expect to find. I gave it a shot, and I could not put it down. It was so compelling; it touched me. Everybody faces these universal situations. I want to tell everybody about this book."    

Nancy Olson, former owner of Quail Ridge Books

"Salt in the Sugar Bowl is an engaging novella that is full of tension, gripping dialogue, and a moving plot....a memorable story, which wonderfully handles intergenerational issues, siblings' ways and abandonment." 


Lenard D. Moore, poet and author, Temple Looming

"An appealing, absorbing tale of abandonment as it reverberates through the generations and branches of a working-class American family. Deftly Epps brings us inside one vivid, fascinating character after another. You'll care about these people; you won't want their story to end."  

David Halperin, author, Journal of a UFO Investigator

"Angela is a writer with incredible talent and writes a story full of vivid characters who have true grit and heart. This story completely engaged me."  

Scott Renk, Raleigh painter and animator

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